Area Rug Dusting

When you think of “dusting” you may think of brushing dirt or dust off of the shelf. But when we talk about dusting, we mean “the removal of soil in the rug”

Rug Duster Machine


Many think that running the vacuum over your area rug is the only way to get the sand and dirt from the your textile.  Little did you know that when you take your oriental rug to be professionally cleaned, the dusting part or soil removal may be the most important step in the entire process. Rug dusting is the most important stage in area rug cleaning! Anyone company that skips this vital step is simply not cleaning your rug properly. Ask to see there equipment, do they have video’s of there process, is a vacuum all they use to remove soil? There’s been a study that has shown an 8 x 10 rug can hold as much as 75 pounds of soil deep down in the fibers before it will even look or appear dirty!  Wow that may seem crazy but just think about how much dirt do you think may be hiding in your area rug cleaning Jacksonville?


There are many detailed steps in the thorough process of a full immersion bath. From inspecting to drying, each detailed step is extremely important and needs to be performed properly by a professional rug cleaner as selecting the wrong company may be the end of your carpet! That is why it is good to have an experienced professional company who knows how to clean an area rug properly. Even if you prefer the DIY approach, there is some equipment needed to complete the full submersion washing procedure that is just not applicable for home use. One piece of equipment that is only found in a professional rug cleaners plant, is a rug duster or soil removing machine. There are two main options when it comes to this piece of equipment. One is a very large large machine that provides rotation, kind of like a large dryer, but this equipment is open so that the dust and soil falls outside of the machine. This step is done prior to the rug being washed, this machine helps release pounds of unwanted dirt. With the ability to remove almost all loose pieces of dirt and soil from the rug prior to beginning the wash process creates for the best outcome to a fully cleaned area rug. Dusting is much more effective than vacuuming which is why having your oriental rug cleaned professionally is extremely important.

Rug Dusting

The second main type of machine is a strap duster. This machine is fantastic as well, and is used for rugs that may have concerns of damage otherwise. A fantastic machine overall, though not as good as the Tumble Duster machine.

As soil settles in your rug, it quickly begins the method of settling down into the base of the rug, through the wool rug pile fibers. By running a vacuum, it will remove much of the surface dirt but the majority of the heavier particles may be pushed farther down into the bottom of the area rug by the vibrating of the vacuum. Once soil is settled into the foundation of the area rug, foot traffic will cause it to rub against the bottom of the wool pile fibers, slowly breaking the Oriental rug fibers down, and leading to unwanted wear. The wearing down can be slowed down by making sure all the soil in the base of the rug is removed. Ideally, this is done with the aforementioned tumble duster or strap duster.


There is another important step you should be aware of. If you turn over your oriental rug, so that it faces is down on a hard surface, you can thoroughly vacuum the soil on the back. In this case, the opposite affect happens, the vibrating of the upright vacuum cleaner will vibrate the soil from the base, and it will end up on the surface of the rug and floor so you can easily remove it up. This process of dusting is a very important step in that we dust the rugs before and after washing.  Removing the soil through vacuuming and professional rug dusting, combined with regular are rug cleaning can greatly increase the life of your valuable carpet. We always take the time to get as much soil out of the rug before the actual rug washing process starts. Make sure to ask your oriental rug cleaner what steps they take when it comes to soil removal.

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