Area Rug Pet Odor Removal


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We love our little furry friends and we love our valuable area rugs. So what do we do when our pets have an accident on our highly expensive oriental rugs? First off, no need to panic, as Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Jacksonville has a 100% pet odor removal guarantee! We will go into detail of the  remedies to take when a pet has urinated on our rugs.

Pet urine odor in rugs, causes us many problems and thousands of dollars every year, and the most obnoxious part is not the stain, its the odors that emits from the rug. The area rug now not only have a strong odor from the rug but also have that unsightly stain that is left behind.

Pet odor and specifically urine, do not only subside on the top of the rug, but also deep down inside, and all the way to the back. When the accident happens, the urine saturates into the face fibers of the rug, then as time passes makes it way to the foundation of the rug even into the underlying padding, as the cotton warps and wefts and padding acts like a sponge. The urine will eventually crystalize, leaving behind concentrated amounts of urine salts and bacteria in it’s place. Now that the urine has evaporated and the urine has crystalized. Now this may seem like a good thing, as when the urine crystalizes the odor its self can seem to go away. This is true, though as soon as humidity levels change, and moisture hits the urine salts, this pungent odor will emit back into the air, causing potent urine odor throughout the home.

Now let’s talk about how these pesky urine salts can be rectified. Most of the items in your local box store praise on eliminating the stain, which is great, but what about the odor causing urine salts down in the foundation of the rug? We recommend flushing the rug completely, this is why your local carpet cleaner is once again ineffective, as there is no way to properly clean your area rug in your home. A garden hose and some over the counter chemicals from a box store is not going to do it. You need full submersion with the proper cleaning solutions just like we demonstrate in our video at the top of this page.

If you do decide to try cleaning your rug at home, make sure to get an enzyme based cleaning solution that specifically attacks urine salts, you also will need to make a contraption where  you can fully submerse you area rug. If you do attempt this feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help you through this process. If there is an isolated spot on your rug, mix two tablespoons of vinegar per cup of warm water and pour over the saturated area. Use a shop vac to remove the cleaning solution after it sits about 20 minutes. The distilled white vinegar contains acetic acid which helps break down the salt crystals. After thoroughly removing the liquid with a wet/dry vacuum, u must then use a syringe to inject the enzyme cleaning solution deep into the rug and pad. We understand this is a big undertaking, so If this seems uncomfortable or not something you look to tackle on your own, we recommend you give us a call and we can guarantee 100% odor removal from you area rugs.

We love to provide our customers with as much helpful information as possible. While this page and our website has a lot of information on what causes pet stains and odors to linger and how to best treat them, we would also like to fill you in a bit on the other scenarios that are possible when it comes to pet odors. The most common pet odors are urine and dander. Urine in your area rug is best treated in our facility using a full urine extraction bath process. Dander is best treated in our facility with our standard immersion washing process. But, even though we can guarantee 100% pet odor removal from area rugs, the odors you are experiencing can still reside in your home even after your oriental rug has been fully cleaned and the odor from the rug has been rectified. Unfortunately, any porous surfaces can absorb these pesky odors. This means drywall, baseboards, and even your hvac system can absorb the urine or dander odors. If you have had your rugs properly cleaned and treated, that will solve the odor issues in your rug. It they still persist in your home, check out the other porous surfaces we mentioned. Properly treating any other surfaces that trap these odors will help to eliminate them for good!

As mentioned before, we put heavy emphasis on the total customer experience! While our overall full immersion rug washing service, our Guaranteed Odor Removal full submersion treatment and our other rug treatments are performed to the highest standards possible, we fully understand the difference a comfortable customer service experience can make! We encourage communication all throughout the process. From the moment you initially reach out by way of phone call, email or live messaging, you will be me by a friendly team member ready to help in any way they can! Even if you are not having a rug cleaned, we are always happy to answer questions and provide advise. If we are cleaning your beloved rug, you will more than likely speak with us a few times. From booking, to the pre cleaning inspection, to the completion call, we keep you informed of the status of your rug! We strive to make every part of your experience with our company simple and positive! Reach out today and see the difference our customer experience makes for yourself!